After years of prayers, finally, Xcode has got the update I've always wished for: proper refactoring tools! And we'll be able to extend them too! So far, extracting methods and functions, extracting variables, renaming classes and methods seems to be incredibly fast and reliable. I've already tried using it in a small project, and it's working smoothly.

This year I got almost everything I wished for Xcode: the only missing note on my list is better HTML/CSS/JavaScript support or extensible grammar. Perhaps next year? 🤞

That said, this year's keynote was jam-packed with news, so much that most of the people on stage struggled to keep up with the speedy pace! I'm excited about all the updates. Like many, my favorite ones are iOS 11 on iPad - by far the most exciting update in years - and Apple Pay.

Finally, the keynote opening video. Oh, my! It was the best opening ever! I cannot stop smiling and singing the soundtrack! 😃🎶

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