Exciting news came towards the end of last week when this tweet by Chris Lattner announced Google was forking Swift's repository 😱. And it didn't stop there! Google has already created a pull request to add Swift support to Fuchsia OS! Finally, Vapor Team's announced the release of Vapor 3.0's first alpha πŸŽ‰. Read on for all announcements, and other fabulous picks.

Like many of you, I was hoping that Chris Lattner's joining Google would mean an increased interest in Swift within the company, but I wasn't expecting to see anything happening this soon! This new effort in collaborating on Swift remarks the strength of the language. In my opinion, we're witnessing the beginning of a technological shift, and it's great to see that the programming language we love is becoming more and more central to it. πŸš€

Gianluca Tranchedone