2017 has been an incredible year for Swift and its Server-Side community. We've seen significant upgrades to the language, revamped web frameworks, and a plethora of packages, blogs and other learning materials being created. I can only wish for 2018 for this trend to remain at least at this level.

This will also be the last issue for this year. My resolution for next year is to be more consistent in when and how I curate the newsletter, which also means more consistency in sending it at a specific time every week on Mondays. This year, for several reasons - including laziness - I skipped a few issues and often published the others with varying delay. I've also experimented sending the newsletter at different times of the day, and it seems that that the best time is around midday UK time (which is early morning in the US, and evening in Japan).

I'm thankful for the support you've given me by subscribing to this newsletter, by reading it, and for some people to have reached out in person or via digital means to talk about Server-Side Swift, or to send me interesting articles to include in the newsletter.

I wish everyone a fantastic new year, and happy holidays! See you next year!

Gianluca Tranchedone





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