Welcome back to Swift Web Weekly and happy 2018! I hope that this year has already started well for you.

As we entered the new year, I found myself already surrounded by both good and bad news. Apple acquired BuddyBuild, and I hope they extend the existing features to support Server-Side Swift better. On the other hand, Natasha "the robot" Murashev is ending This Week in Swift.

If you're wondering what the future is going to held for Swift Web Weekly, don't worry, this newsletter is here to stay, for now. My goal is to provide you with links and references to learn more about using Swift outside of the Apple's development platforms, with particular attention, of course, to Sever-Side and web development. I'll keep curating this newsletter at least until Swift becomes a mainstream server-side language.

Now, let's get into the good stuff! 🤓

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