Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Swift Web Weekly! I have to apologize to all of you for not publishing any issue during the past few weeks. A mix of starting a new role, laziness and other personal commitments took the best of me. I had not prepared any material for this newsletter in advance - as common sense wants - and I inevitably failed to deliver. However, I’m now officially on holidays and during the next two weeks I’ll be travelling and preparing at least two months worth of issues in advance. Of course I’ll leave room for any news, but the bulk of the work will be in place to ensure I won’t skip any more issues going forward.

I’m still very excited about Sever-Side Swift, actually more than before. Swift is now among the top 10 programming languages and we can see Apple investing more and more into it, not only for developing native software for their devices, but also on Linux. SwiftNIO is a clear example of the effort the Company is putting into moving Swift beyond Apple devices. The recent news of the Apple-IBM collaboration in Watson and Core ML may also be a sign that Swift is becoming a more influential language in both companies.

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